Friday, October 28, 2011

around the bend

good morning, good evening, good grief. whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for reading, even if youve stumbled upon this by accident. if you havent already, go to & search 'knozgrul' in the search field. youll find just one show, despite this really having been my 7th. but, of those 7, only 5 were ever uploaded. and, of those 5 -- well. fuck it, theres one up there, its got the new fancy intro (which is hilarious to me, still - but, the awesome lady whos on before me on fridays really liked it a lot, for serious), so, we start with this being show 1. for those of you who had the older ones, a fun fact - i stole my episode names from how i met your mother episode titles. this time around? dexter. mheh.

alright, alright, enough of my bullshit.. onto the tracklist!!!

shooter jennings & hierophant - wake up!
electro group - glistened
anton barbeau - sweet creature, whats your name?
the answering machine - cliffer
survival guide - the walls
trainwreck symphony - so long
new rhodes - so alone
sad day for puppets - marble gods
like pioneers - polkadot
now, now every children - giants
airiel - airtight angels
the sound platform - summer something
aberdeen - cities and buses
harvey danger - we drew the maps

id like to think that this was my best show (production-wise), so i can only imagine it being this good, or getting better, if time permits.

as always, hit me up on or you can find me on facebook - let me know what you thought of things.. obviously, if youre already reading this, you know this site exists. and, - thats where to download all the free podcasts your little heart desires.

laters, yo.