Friday, October 21, 2011

love will tear us apart

i went thru about 5 different cover versions of that song that i have before settling on the evelyn evelyn cover of it to play in tonites show. i just love me some amanda palmer. shes pretty great. and, if you havent heard her 'who killed amanda palmer?' album, go find a way to listen to it. aaaand then go find the evelyn evelyn album somewhere. 'cause that ones just amazing.

i know i said that tuesdays would be indie days & that fridays would showcase, err, highlight just one band, but thats kind of gone out the window these past few weeks. technically, it hasnt happened, as the only time it did was with a harvey danger show - but i fucked up on that one, so it wasnt placed in the archives for your listening pleasure. im sure soon enough ill get back to that format i once laid out.

for now though..... the track list!

infectious grooves - immigrant song
rage against the machine - down on the street
ministry - under my thumb
pomplamoose - beat it
david bowie - i know its going to happen someday
local h - joey
weezer - paranoid android
foo fighters - baker street
harvey danger - underground
devo - (i cant get no) satisfaction
deftones - simple man
nirvana - here she comes now
she & him - please, please, please let me get what i want
evelyn evelyn - love will tear us apart

dont quite know what happened at the end there.. somethin struck me a bit earlier, i guess, and, uhhh.. i just felt like dying inside. heh. those last two songs'll do it! shit..

alright, im off to sleep for a couple hours. hope you enjoy/ed it!