Friday, October 14, 2011

slipping into lucid

got tuesdays show pretty much done & ready to go. tracks are chosen, order is chosen, sweepers are in their place -- all i gotta do is get un-sick so i can talk like a normal person. and, itd probbaly be more interesting for everyone if i had a different time slot.. im either up for about 24hrs before doing a show, or am just waking up before doing a show. either way, that contributes to the 'mike sounding sick' thing.

dont forget!

or - go to, click on podcasts, enter 'knozgrul' in the search field & my ugly mug will show up with a couple links to listen/download my few available shows.

feel free to spend as much time listening / following me as you want. just let me know that you do/did, and ill sit down to have a brief chat with you about your experience. at the end of the survey, you can enter for the chance to win a $10 gift certif-- no, im just kidding. you dont win anything. unless you want to win a sweet mix cd. hit me up on twitter for that. well, when theres a question of sorts, of course..

........ but until then..........!!!!!!!