Wednesday, February 20, 2013

new shows @
new blogs @
new site @

this shit? well, it was fun while it lasted, and i feel i got good use out of blogspot. but having my own '.com' makes things feel more official.

so, please, go to for city noise radio, my radio show.

or just go to because i update it with a blog once in a while, which i generally pour my heart and soul into.

or, if you want, just go to because im at the end of my rope, and i just want to share music with people.

one way or another - go to - if only once, if only to appease me.

go there before i get really depressed and decide to shut it down. then whatll there be?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the killing type

apparently im all kinds of fuckin stupid. theres a reason for this two-month lull. i took the time, once my one-year hit with 'city noise radio' to give it a nice, proper home (as well as one for myself) -- that now resides at -- much easier. i dont know HOW this blog has 8888 views total in the 14 months that its been active, but my new site - which is much better, has streaming & direct downloading capabilities, along with regular blogs of my own - has less than 300 views. im sure 90% of which are from me. i just wish the views were higher. i can check mediafire to see how many people have downloaded the show from that 3rd party link, but on my new site, its just stream it or download it, no counter/tracker available.

i guess what im saying is;




of course, feel free to tell your friends, families, loved ones, deceased ones, diseased ones, etc. i wish to be friends with all of you. and on THAT site ^, you can actually comment. so, its all much better over at so, please, head there from now on!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Monday, October 1, 2012

what do i have to do?

happy monday!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012



now, ive officially been doing this show for a year. thats crazy. a full year. jesus..

its been a really fucking long time since i put some real effort into doing all of this - ive been doing my shows, but it hasnt been of 'knoz' quality that id want to actually post it and have it heard by someone. the last show was all weird al, the two shows before that were all instrumental shows. very weird. im in a very weird place. not terribly happy with everything at the moment. wish i had more alone time. like all of my time. ugh.

anyways - since we've last checked in, all dethklok concerts got cancelled, but theyre doing their own tour, so im going to that one. saw local h recently, before their new album just came out last tuesday. going to new order soon, i believe theres a horror movie marathon at the music box in chicago. i keep watching seinfeld on my computer over and over while doing things.

i need a new job. a new everything, really. fuck it all, right?

sick of this.


local h - waves
local h - cold manor
a perfect circle - pet
at the drive-in - enfilade
nada surf - imaginary friends
thursday - tomorrow ill be you
an horse - not mine
phoenix - lisztomania
metallica - one
silverchair - punk song #2
onesidezero - breath
mudvayne - pharmecopia
pearl jam - hail hail
30stm - the kill
bikini kill - rebel girl
the stokes - heart in a cage
underoath - reinventing your exit
survival guide - prohibition (parts 1 & 2)
the automatic - you shout you shout you shout
the prodigy - diesel power
devildriver - digging up the corpses
the dillinger escape plan - when good dogs do bad things
static-x - pieces
team sleep - blvd nights
radiohead - the national anthem
green day - take back
the smashing pumpkins - blue skies bring tears

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

murder train

im still sick & my voice is still fucked, so i cant really talk. so, this show is going to be just music. not posting it anywhere or anything.

everything is just shit, isnt it?

Monday, August 13, 2012

shrouded in steel

sorry for the lack of updates. getting fucking sick of the internet from time to time, but its ever-increasing, so im done with facebook for the time being, without a real comeback date in sight. twitters been bugging me, and id get rid of that if i didnt follow people i wanted to & they follow me back. and fucking instagram - i cannot believe the amount of shitty fucking photos that TENS of thousands of people like. its all a 'love me, love me' game that i feel like im just noticing now. maybe i was too involved in these sights to see just how fucking miserable they all are / have been, but taking this giant step back, i realize just how fucking worthless it all really is. im not saying that ill never update this again or anything, but i DO think that ill be getting rid of this sometime in the future. as ive said before, id like to get this time & have it actually be a good site instead of the shitty one i had years ago. i dunno. im cutting more and more people out of my life as time goes on and im doing surprisingly well without them. it makes me think that either they werent all that important to me to begin with, or that ive been fooling myself into thinking that i need people all along. ill never know, really, because theres always going to be at least a small handful of people ill never want to be without. but, fuck me.......

Saturday, July 28, 2012


considering doing an all 'names-only' show. i shall see if i have enough tracks for it.. if not, perhaps a 'each-song-has-a-name-in-it' theme.. either way. should be fun.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


oh, tuesday - you will be the death of me. i need some serious goddamn sleep.

download to come later.


shorter show. weird.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

what i always wanted

so, the concert calendar thing seems to have gone over pretty well.. glad to know.. maybe itll be a monthly thing, first show of each month.. anyhow, im big on 'completion', so im always thinking of how things are gonna end, etc, and ive decided that whenever my run on party934 ends (though, i hope it wont be for a long time to come), im gonna do one last show - brutally long, however it may be - consisting of every blog title track in order.. wont know if itll be mixtape style, or each song one after another, but definitely no talking.. maybe more pre-recorded things like the intro/segue/outro that i did.

but!.. we move along onto the tracklist..

weezer - why bother?
tub ring - future was free
nada surf - hi-speed soul
the whitest boy alive - fireworks (edit)
tv on the radio - wolf like me
interpol - slow hands (edit)
veruca salt - venus man trap
silverchair - satin sheets
static-x - stem
the strokes - life is simple in the moonlight
radiohead - kid a
jimmy eat world - gotta be somebody's blues
my chemical romance - skylines and turnstiles
i heart hiroshima - shakeytown (edit)
finch - perfection through silence
an horse - dressed sharply
mew - beach
the smashing pumpkins - soothe
tennis - it all feels the same
stereolab - pop quiz (edit)
yeah yeah yeahs - turn into
go betty go - saturday (edit)
kill hannah - unparalyzed
tegan and sara - wake up exhausted
mgmt - brian eno (edit)
no doubt - bathwater
sleeping at last - ghosts (edit)
the kissaway trail - new lipstick
phoenix - countdown
thursday - the lovesong writer

mediafire download :

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

jolly days

so, you go online, and you head to some website with a purpose. then, all of a sudden, youre mind reminds you 'oh, hey bro, you wanted to check out this thing a few days ago - do that before you forget again', so you do. and then youre brain keeps fixing its fuckups by saying 'oh, dude! you wanted to check THIS, too!', and pretty soon, seven hours have gone by, and youve masturbated to every goddamn thing on the internet.. WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT!?!?.. and the embarrassing part is that most of it wasnt even porn!!!!.. i mean, am i the only one whooo... ooh.. uhh... the only one who has a friend whos relayed that kind of story to them..?.. .. .. .. :blinks, holding eyelids closed for 14 seconds on each blink:

.. eh?.. uh.. what?.. shit. OH!..

REQUEST (and suggestion) SHOW!!! WHOOOO!!!!!

alright, fucks, heres the deal - half of this stuff doesnt even qualify as 'indie/alternative/metal', which is what my show plays - however, its all music that im into, so its all good. my show, i can change the rules, right? cool. anyways, these two-hour shows still arent entirely put together properly.. not sure if theres gonna be some kind of constant concert news, or general news, or what, but until i figure it all out, the music is just going to keep on playing.


it dies today - sixth of june
no doubt - bathwater
roxy music - more than this
kill hannah - someone do something
rem - all the right friends
tub ring - bite the wax tadpole
the vaselines - slushy
phoenix - 1901
jimmy eat world - always be
thrice - under a killing moon
peeping tom - we're not alone
neil young - fuckin up
cursive - bloody murderer
ben folds five - smoke
the zombies - this will be our year
the dillinger escape plan - sunshine the werewolf
weird al - one more minute
yuck - rubber
david bowie - five years
radiohead - no surprises
13th floor elevators - youre gonna miss me
bob crosby and the bobcats - way back home
i fight dragons - with you
joy division - transmission
poison the well - wreck itself taking you with me
the beatles - golden slumbers
onesidezero - sleep
todd rundgren - can we still be friends?
the ink spots - i dont want to set the world on fire
the frogs - enter i

follow me on twitter (or dont, its gotten rather boring lately) - @knozgrul.
suggestions & hatemail -
watch movies & tv shows with me on netflix via xbox - knozgrul

really, feel free to download it as many times as you want & send it to all your dead relatives.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

a wonderful guy

holy hell.. i didnt put up last weeks tracklist, huh?



.. fuck.

radiohead - everything in its right place
the smashing pumpkins - annie dog
arcade fire - neon bible
muse - endlessly
the action design - could, not should
carissa's wierd - low budget slow motion soundtrack
melissa auf der maur - overpower thee
pearl jam - indifference
paper rival - the kettle black
amanda palmer - ampersand
foo fighters - what if i do?
the cranberries - when youre gone
aberdeen - in my sleep
klaxons - sweetheart
the prodigy - invaders must die
static-x - im the one
killswitch engage - numbered days
rage against the machine - tire me
orgy - revival
nine inch nails - heresy
marilyn manson - coma black
korn - somebody someone
gravity kills - drown
deftones - change
slipknot - gently
zillion - the pupil

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

46 & 2

starting next week, city noise radio is going to be a two-hour long show.

.. heres hoping we can avoid tragedy..

this weeks tracklist :

spring tigers - just suggesting
analog rebellion - marla singer doesnt take standardized tests
blur - song 2
kill hannah - someone do something
bush - machinehead
weezer - suzanne
metallica - nothing else matters
st. vincent - bicycle
so so modern - dendrons
peeping tom - we're not alone (dan the automater remix)
the smashing pumpkins - 1979
marilyn manson - target audience
an horse - airport death
mew - snow brigade (live itunes session)
this town needs guns - zebra

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


alright, guys. im starting to get serious in my beginning planning stages of planning a plan to start my life.. gonna have to copyright some things & whatnot.. i dunno.. fucking.. things are confusing when you try to start up from scratch.. where to begin, where to begin..

anyways, heres the frackin tracklist, frackers..

five pointe o - purity o1
incubus - new skin
videodrone - closer to coma
the prodigy - serial thrilla
mew - cartoons and macreme wounds
deftones - simple man
40 below summer - we the people
the lonely island - the creep
nine inch nails - sanctified
thursday - war all the time
mindless self indulgence - apple country
radiohead - street spirit

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my space

holy christ, am i tired.

mew - new terrain
radiohead - idioteque
a perfect circle - blue
dethklok - the gears
killswitch engage - the element of one
five poine o - breathe machine
muse - sing for absolution
harvey danger - the same as being in love
evelyn evelyn - sandy fishnets
the smashing pumpkins - glass and the ghost children
like pioneers - teakettles no. 1
foo fighters - walk

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the element of one

tracklist for tonite..........???

static-x - cannibal
finch - the casket of roderic usher
korn - trash
five pointe o - syndrome down
killswitch engage - the arms of sorrow
dethklok - mudertrain a comin'
slipknot - prelude 3.0
nine inch nails - you know what you are?
deftones - good morning beautiful
kittie - raven
40 below summer - we the people
the dillinger escape plan - setting fire to sleeping giants
brendon smalls galaktikon - beastblade
coal chamber - beckoned
mudvayne - severed

............ *thats doable*!!!

tell your friends, neighbors, loved ones, enemies, unborn children, insects on the ground, tree stumps, etc.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

24-hour break-up session

tracklist :

local h - the one with 'kid'
riddlin' kids - i feel fine
40 below summer - wither away
zillion - shaky ground
mewithoutyou - everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
love - always see your face
the smashing pumpkins - wound
pearl jam - nothingman
harvey danger - the show must not go on
weezer - tragic girl
carissa's wierd - you should be hated here
nine inch nails - right where it belongs (v2)

to quote a friend quoting a song,

'fall in love and fall apart'

sooner or later, youll wind up pacing the cage.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

no one knows

think im getting sick, so, apologies for the lack of enthusiasm. and sounding weird.

anyhoo. tracklist :

beastie boys - sabotage
amusement parks on fire - flightlight planetarium
pilot speed - a kind of hope
the strokes - vision of division
finch - ink
arcade fire - wake up
tegan & sara - i wont be left
bound stems - wake up, ma and pa are gone
tomahawk - when the stars begin to fall
the automatic - by my side
the action design - lounge in formation
autolux - angry candy
veruca salt - officially dead
an horse - not mine
weezer - butterfly

twitter - @knozgrul

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


hello, all. last week was a bad week. i apologize for the lack of an actual update, i just needed that nite to end. and, because this is my only project at the moment, it kind of fades from my mind after its done each time, so i didnt think to add the tracklist later.. but, here we are a week later, and now i feel its too late. so, thanks for listening to the last show, and apologies for lack of tracklist.

onto the new week. a handful of emails suggesting/requesting another 'Q101' type show. explained IN the show that this will probably be the last one, as Q101 is still a station. anyways, many thanks for the emails & tweets.

of course, is where you can generally find me.

links to the OTHER podcast i mentioned in the show (the least worst of) -!/TheLeastWorstOf

- theyre just getting started, so be sure to be around for their journey, as its sure to entail many more great stories & personal insights into the music these three love.

as for tonites tracklist, it is as follows.

a perfect circle - passive
nine inch nails - every day is exactly the same
meat puppets - backwater
weezer - perfect situation
local h - california songs
nirvana - aneurysm
the smashing pumpkins - the end is the beginning is the end
foo fighters - low
seven mary three - cumbersome
stone temple pilots - down
our lady peace - clumsy
pearl jam - given to fly

uncensored show @

of course, visit for live radio 24/7 - to download anything of interest, and feel free to subscribe to party934 podcasts in the itunes store.

now, planet earth, lets get our shit together & get 'clifford', 'the pest', 'bio-dome', 'harry and the hendersons', 'tank girl' and 'ghost world' all accepted to be the latest added into the criterion editions.

ready? BREAK!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

inside out

yes, ^ was on purpose.

tracklist is said along the way - sorry. REALLY fucking long day. no energy to type that up. gotta sleep. - hopefully coming soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

middle of nowhere

tracklist :

iggy pop - i wanna be your dog
miss derringer - black tears
guided by voices - twilight campfire
we are scientists - nobody move, nobody get hurt
supergrass - alright
fountains of wayne - sink to the bottom
the pretenders - back on the chain gang
regina spektor - better
scissors for lefty - mama, your boys will find a way home
peter, bjorn & john - young folks
the decemberists - here i dreamt i was an architect
the verve pipe - the freshman
the wiggins - when i get up
roxy music - mother of pearl
ac newman - prophets

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

heroine with an e

an all harvey danger show, for (only) the 2nd time in the 6 months that ive had a radio show of my own. they really are quite my favorite band ever. theyre one band that progressed musically without ever having waned. there might be a weak song or two in their entire catalog, but theyre still good songs.


jack the lion
war buddies
this is the thrilling conversation youve been waiting for
plague of locusts
cool james
humility on parade (live in studio)
pity & fear
save it for later
you look so happy (demo)
cream and bastards rise
flagpole sitta
moral centralia
carlotta valdez
what you live by

disassociate if you cant support it - dont try on the suit if you cant afford it.

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mediafire -

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


sometimes you start to miss something that hasnt been in your life - whether it be for a short time or not - and you feel the need to remember it. and sometimes, if youre really passionate about it, you wanna share that with other people - whether you know them or not.

this is that episode, my friends. chicagos alternative - Q101.1 - was the only alternative station chicagos ever had (i wont consider 94.7s short-lived run 'alternative' as that took a heavier edge and featured more hard rock / nu-metal bands), in my opinion. and, if you ask me, one of the biggest cities in america should have at LEAST one alternative station. however, we dont. and, while it could be argued that fm radio is a thing of the past, id like to think that people still enjoy personal interaction in between songs - some form of entertainment.

regardless - i love Q101, no matter how much rem or cypress hill they played. they were, and always will be, the best alternative station to me. as a result, this is me reliving some of the great music that theyd play.

tracklist :

shiny toy guns - ricochet!
rancid - time bomb
k's choice - not an addict
the white stripes - the hardest button to button
social distortion - i was wrong
against me! - thrash unreal
smoking popes - need you around
the donnas - take it off
superdrag - sucked out
fastball - the way
space - female of the species
hum - stars
sponge - plowed
the raconteurs - steady as she goes
semisonic - closing time

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