Tuesday, May 1, 2012


hello, all. last week was a bad week. i apologize for the lack of an actual update, i just needed that nite to end. and, because this is my only project at the moment, it kind of fades from my mind after its done each time, so i didnt think to add the tracklist later.. but, here we are a week later, and now i feel its too late. so, thanks for listening to the last show, and apologies for lack of tracklist.

onto the new week. a handful of emails suggesting/requesting another 'Q101' type show. explained IN the show that this will probably be the last one, as Q101 is still a station. anyways, many thanks for the emails & tweets.

of course, twitter.com/knozgrul is where you can generally find me.

links to the OTHER podcast i mentioned in the show (the least worst of) -


- theyre just getting started, so be sure to be around for their journey, as its sure to entail many more great stories & personal insights into the music these three love.

as for tonites tracklist, it is as follows.

a perfect circle - passive
nine inch nails - every day is exactly the same
meat puppets - backwater
weezer - perfect situation
local h - california songs
nirvana - aneurysm
the smashing pumpkins - the end is the beginning is the end
foo fighters - low
seven mary three - cumbersome
stone temple pilots - down
our lady peace - clumsy
pearl jam - given to fly

uncensored show @ http://www.mediafire.com/?ahksql0shwc17o6

of course, visit party934.com for live radio 24/7 - party934podcasts.com to download anything of interest, and feel free to subscribe to party934 podcasts in the itunes store.

now, planet earth, lets get our shit together & get 'clifford', 'the pest', 'bio-dome', 'harry and the hendersons', 'tank girl' and 'ghost world' all accepted to be the latest added into the criterion editions.

ready? BREAK!