Tuesday, July 17, 2012

what i always wanted

so, the concert calendar thing seems to have gone over pretty well.. glad to know.. maybe itll be a monthly thing, first show of each month.. anyhow, im big on 'completion', so im always thinking of how things are gonna end, etc, and ive decided that whenever my run on party934 ends (though, i hope it wont be for a long time to come), im gonna do one last show - brutally long, however it may be - consisting of every blog title track in order.. wont know if itll be mixtape style, or each song one after another, but definitely no talking.. maybe more pre-recorded things like the intro/segue/outro that i did.

but!.. we move along onto the tracklist..

weezer - why bother?
tub ring - future was free
nada surf - hi-speed soul
the whitest boy alive - fireworks (edit)
tv on the radio - wolf like me
interpol - slow hands (edit)
veruca salt - venus man trap
silverchair - satin sheets
static-x - stem
the strokes - life is simple in the moonlight
radiohead - kid a
jimmy eat world - gotta be somebody's blues
my chemical romance - skylines and turnstiles
i heart hiroshima - shakeytown (edit)
finch - perfection through silence
an horse - dressed sharply
mew - beach
the smashing pumpkins - soothe
tennis - it all feels the same
stereolab - pop quiz (edit)
yeah yeah yeahs - turn into
go betty go - saturday (edit)
kill hannah - unparalyzed
tegan and sara - wake up exhausted
mgmt - brian eno (edit)
no doubt - bathwater
sleeping at last - ghosts (edit)
the kissaway trail - new lipstick
phoenix - countdown
thursday - the lovesong writer

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