Tuesday, October 25, 2011

endless summer

tonites show is a 'pull shit out of the bag at random' kind of show, because i havent gone thru 100% of the songs i had lined up, and i didnt have any time to go thru them and listen to every song (just to give you an idea, each week, i have about 40-50 songs lined up for the show, then i go with the majority that fit the same kind of style, then narrow that down even further and further until ive got about an hours worth of music), so i had to go with songs i already know by heart & know dont have any swears in them. thus, this is your tracklist for tonite..

marilyn manson - godeatgod
tub ring - the promise keeper
mew - her voice is beyond her years
30 seconds to mars - attack
stars - ageless beauty
harvey danger - picture, picture
dinosaur jr - little fury things
the vincent black shadow - control
paper rival - weak sister
rise against - give it all
interpol - pda
jimmy eat world - cautioners
amanda palmer - astronaut
underoath - some will seek forgiveness, others escape

hope you guys enjoy listening to me / my music, cuz im hoping we'll be around for a while.