Tuesday, October 11, 2011


hey there, good people - hows it going? so unnerving that my tiny little blog here has close to 200 views & yet i cant think of a single person whos read it.. i hope some of you random strangers who read this actually take a second to go check out the radio show. very easy to find at party934.com - click on the podcasts link, and then search 'knozgrul' at the top right, and my shows will come up. (note : as of this post, i have no shows up. this mornings show will be the first one. so, just remember to check that page out later)

for now though, ive got the tracklist for tonites show, if you want to follow along. or, if youre downloading it and listening to it later, feel free to use this post as a reference point. and awaaayyy weeee gooooOoOoOo!

s - 5 dollers
yuck - get away
the high wire - odds & evens
bound stems - wake up, ma and pa are gone
the action design - landmines
on-the-go - better act now
thot - ortie
polarkreis 18 - ursa major
christiana - pretend
i heart hiroshima - got out
so so modern - dendrons
letting up despite great faults - release
digitalism - 2 hearts
klaxons - its not over yet
scarling. - city noise
autolux - sugarless

by the way, find the song title that i intentionally threw into this blog somewhere (outside of the fuckin tracklist, cmon.. er, and that blog title - again, each blog title is a song title, so, that doesnt count either) and you win a sweet prize. well, a prize. probably just a cd that ill make specifically for you. isnt that sweet? mm.


knoz, out.