Tuesday, October 18, 2011

rock the dead

indie, indie all around and not a drop to dr--.. uhhh, nevermind that. i appreciate the kind words ive received from some of you folk regarding my shows thus far.. when i have the time, if i ever do, im gonna go and record some stuff for promotional stuff & have it play during my show - up the production value and whatnot..

anyways, onto tonites playlist!

alpine - too safe
look mexico - you stay. i go. no following.
a.p. witcomski - holger danske
dance, youre on fire - little war
the burning hotels - stuck in the middle
anthem in - leanings
great northern - houses
headlights - get going
call the doctor - fit to dance
the boxer rebellion - evacuate
an horse - trains and tracks
i was totally destroying it - come out, come out
the living sea - depression glass
in gratitude - moving on
the hundred in the hands - dressed in dresden
ape school - be an encore

as always - party934.com, podcasts, search 'knozgrul' - hit me up on twitter @knozgrul, facebook - knozgrul, gmail - knozgrul, etc. if you ever wanna hear a specific band or artist on my show, just let me know via one of those ways of contact.

as always, thanks for listening & thanks for the support.