Wednesday, October 5, 2011

radio silence

fridays show is getting put together as we spe.. as i speak & you dont read. :blinks:

anyhow. fridays show is the first show to feature just one band in all their glory - that band; harvey danger. while the majority of the world knows them as 'that band who had that 'paranoia, paranoia' song in the american pie movie', i can honestly say that theyre one of my three favorite bands ever. (the other two are nirvana and dethklok - expect their shows soon).. so, if you read this, please tune in to find out just how great & diverse a band harvey danger truly was. and, if you want, tell other people about it. and have them people. and have those people tell people. because, if one i happen to rule the world, i promise ill spare all of your lives. until the day you cross me.