Saturday, October 1, 2011

in case of rapture

i just went thru a really brief run-through of how a show would go if i were to be on the air, live. which, apparently im going to be on monday. and then my normal schedule of tuesday & friday from 4am-5am. weird, i guess, since im usually asleep in that timeframe.

but, i cant keep doing nothing in my free time. i mean, im always trying to find new bands to fall in love with, trying to get others to fall in love with them as well. i guess thats the whole reason i want to start this thing. i really one have one friend whos interested in trading mix cds (a-thank you, career hymnal), but i figure theres gotta be more people like me in this world - just looking anywhere to find new music. and, people always look thru podcasts on itunes. well, pretty soon youll be able to find my hour-long podcasts (erm, live music streams) on there. itll be a little (im)personal mixtape from me to you.

but,  on the off-chance that you actually want to trade mix-cds or something (instead of just emailing me a list of bands/songs to check out - though, i still prefer that over no input/feedback at all), feel free to send me your address (dont worry, even if i wanted to be (which i dont), im too fuckin poor to be some creepy stalker person - plus, you can see who i am, not the other way around) and we can totally trade cds. or be pen pals. or *something*.

hmm. this might be the longest 'blog' ive written. i like having a set amount of characters to be used. constricting, yes, but makes me feel like im wasting less time.

regardless - im around. you can find me. and my show. you know how & where.

and, an advance thank you to party934 (dot com) for giving me a chance to fill their slots. mheh.