Friday, October 14, 2011

within you

well well well, another show is upon us. thanks to all you creeps who look at this page & remain silent. if i know you, imagine im hugging you. if i dont know you, imagine someone attractive hugging you. im exhausted & feel like im getting sick again, even though im not fully done being sick yet. still coughing like a mad man. sorry if i sound a bit congested on this show. its really early, too. im in the middle of a huge schedule change, so i apologize for any time i sound tired or sick or annoyed. i need a nap.

*regardless* -- THE TRACKLIST!!!!!!!

queens of the stone age - you think i aint worth a dolla, but i feel like a millionaire
pearl jam - spin the black circle
the strokes - juicebox
finch - bitemarks and bloodstains
nine inch nails - where is everybody?
silverchair - freak
gorillaz - punk
arcade fire - the well and the lighthouse
as tall as lions - in case of rapture
yeah yeah yeahs - y control
weezer - surf wax america
green day - emenius sleepus
fight like apes - tie me up with jackets
smashing pumpkins - an ode to no one
local h - wolf like me

.. thoughts? comments?
gmail = knozgrul

.. you want my phone number?.. what do you WANT from me!?!?

:evil eye: