Friday, October 7, 2011

the show must not go on

but it shall, nevertheless.

tonites show is all about harvey danger. theyre one of my favorite bands. ever. they should be one of yours, too. but, i know theyre not. and thats ok. i wont hold it against you. however, you should learn up on them. and what better time than right now!?

for this morning, the track list will be as follows :

big wide empty
picture, picture
woolly muffler
you miss the point completely, i get the point exactly
the worlds greatest living dancer
meetings with remarkable men
diminishing returns (demo)
old hat
wrecking ball
the show must not go on

if you can, tune in to - otherwise, check out the website when you can & check the podcast section, you can just nab it from there. cool? tsh. you bet.