Thursday, October 6, 2011


have you ever made a mix for someone thats summed up the entire length of your friendship? its fuckin exhausting, man.. im not talking, like, 'ill throw 17 tracks on a cd' kind of mix - i mean, taking clips from 5-7 different songs and turning them into one track. THATS the exhausting part.. not many people i can do that for, really.. as sad as it is, i cant do that for many people.. though, i still love making general mixes for people. because its fun.

i always thought itd be cool to make mix cds and leave them around in a public place for someone to find. maybe leave an email address or something, or a note on it to do the same. or do that with a book. like, start writing something in a book, leave it somewhere, have someone pick it up, continue it, etc.. who knows where itd go and whatd go in it?.. thats the kind of stupid shit i think of in my free time. politics? recession? bah!


radio show in a little over 24 hours. eep!