Tuesday, November 1, 2011

long hard road out of hell

hey all. its now november. hope everyones halloween was awesome & fun, while being safe and full of razorblade-less candies. still sick, i pretty much spent all day sleeping and popping sick meds. but, enough about me, lets get back to halloween! this show is obviously halloween-themed, but not in the 'saw movies are scary, scary movies are watched around halloween, ill play some crazy metal with spooky titles to make it seem like its halloween based' kind of way.. i went with some classics, some perfectly fitting, and some that just deserve to be on there. so, i hope you like it and listen to it every halloween from now until the day you die. :blinks:.. which, yknow, i hope is *decades* away..

.. the tracklist!!!

the north american halloween prevention initiative - do they know its halloween?
the specials - ghost town
rob zombie - spookshow baby
david bowie - scary monsters
joy division - dead souls
madness - (waiting for) the ghost train
the automatic - monster
classics iv - spooky
ministry - every day is halloween
the talking heads - psycho killer
screamin' jay hawkins - i put a spell on you
the five blobs - the blob
the ramones - pet sematary
marilyn manson - this is halloween

still very much appreciate everyone whos given feedback to any/all of my shows.. it helps me make them better in the future, so, sincerely - thank you.. (((for anyone worrying about there being a christmas-themed episode - i promise that wont happen unless i find more tracks in addition to smashing pumpkins, weezer, etc..))) and, as always, feel free to pass me / my podcast / my blog / my twitter around like a whore so that i can get as many people listening as humanly possible. because, really, at the end of the day - if youre not planning world domination (in a positive way, cmon), what are you even doing with your life? right??


love, peace & chicken grease (wtf, 'the pest'???)

- knoz