Tuesday, November 29, 2011


alright, look. the internet sometimes is unreliable. thus, i urge you to go into itunes and just type 'knozgrul' into the search bar (for the itunes store), podcasts will show up. i uploaded tonites show, and it said it was successful, but ive still yet to see it on the site. so, we'll see..

anyways. tracks.

carissas wierd - you should be hated here
paper rival - the kettle black
local h - pj soles
gorillaz - el manana
radiohead - knives out
city and colour - caseys song
rilo kiley - go ahead
like pioneers - teakettles no. 1
amanda palmer - blake says
richard hawley - baby, youre my light
team sleep - our ride to the rectory
regina spektor - hero
thursday - this song brought to you by a falling bomb
death cab for cutie - a lack of color
harvey danger - diminishing returns

fuckin technology.. if its not up in the next 12hrs, ill try a different way. also, last weeks show is now up.