Tuesday, November 8, 2011

black fire upon us

tonites show was busybusybusy. and i am thirstythirstythirsty. how do you guys find listening to all these bands that youre probably not familiar with? is it weird or at all difficult listening to an hour worth of music that you dont necessarily like because its new & different? i hope fridays shows kind of balance things out for you.. anyways, i talked enough during the show..

the tracklist!

we were promised jetpacks
skip the use - PIL
pink city - wrung
the halls of mars - dial isis II
telethon - OwNixGolly
aeonautix - 7 orbits
old world vulture - benny
glorie - still saved
phone home - meds
milk - oubliette
calisota - pine grove
big troubles - time bomb

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