Friday, November 4, 2011

down on the street

this is my favorite episode of this podcast so far. i think its just 'cause i went thru some old stuff & dug up the past a bit.. its fun to do that from time to time, if only to see what you used to listen to.. while some might be embarrassed of some of the things they liked, i still love it all.. im sure ill be doing another one like this sometime soon.. but, enough jabberjawin'.. i give you : the tracklist..

kill hannah - race the dream
jimmy eat world - the authority song
at the drive-in - pattern against user
mindless self indulgence - diabolical
my chemical romance - the ghost of you
the all-american rejects - stab my back
the pixies - where is my mind?
thursday - autobiography of a nation
placebo (with david bowie) - without you im nothing
korn - pretty
videodrone - closer to coma
mudvayne - -1
system of a down - marmalade
finch - worms of the earth
yeah yeah yeahs - turn into

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take it easy.