Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a departure

so it is..

the automatic - lost at home
post honeymoon - fake
the dead 60s - riot radio
black lips - bad kids
nada surf - inside of love
pilot speed - barely listening
dirty passionate daydreaming - flash love
la dispute - st. paul missionary baptist church blues
lunar maps - love and desire
the rentals - must be wrong
android lust - flow
i am the agent - melodramatic popular song
touche amore - honest sleep
paper rival - weak sister
bill murray - more than this


post-show bonus grab-bag mp3 : twiztid-->the left rights-->dethklok-->fight like apes-->local h-->the left rights-->the lonely island-->marilyn manson-->skrillex-->m83-->killswitch engage-->slipknot-->unkle