Tuesday, December 13, 2011


now *this* was a good show. was tired as shit doing it, but the music definitely helped keep me up. might have to do more shows like this in the near future. lemme know whatchu think of it - twitter @knozgrul.

there was a tracklist - this is what it was.

my life with the thrill kill kult - after the flesh
stabbing westward - when im dead
hive - ultrasonic sound
ministry - just one fix
marilyn manson - tourniquet
white zombie - grease paint and monkey brains
machines of loving grace - golgotha tenement blues
gravity kills - blame
the dillinger escape plan - unretrofied
static-x - the trance is in motion
nine inch nails - the becoming
american head charge - just so you know

go to itunes, search the stores podcast section & search party934. good stuff.

gotta wake up in 4 hours. good nite, world.