Sunday, December 11, 2011

the wretched

feeling alright about my show nowadays.. think the intros cool, despite its cheese-factor. the music in my talk breaks seems to work well (MUCH better than that eno weird shit i WAS using).. the musics good, etc etc. i think having the one show a week is better for the overall show that i do. not as much pressure to have a specific day for a specific show and whatnot. ive just gotta stop saying 'uhhh' so much, and start talking TO the listener, instead of AT the listener..

i get it, man. im still learnin. think im doin alright. all the reviews i get say that ive got a voice for radio, which is nice. ive always hated my voice, but ive always heard its 'nice'.. which is good, i guess. even if i end up in radio one day, i guess ive got a voice that could be in between songs on an fm station, or delivering news on an am station, which is cool. im just happy to be doing what i love, now, with this show.

and, really, without listeners, ive got nothin. so, thank you to all of you who DO listen.. even if youre in a foreign country & cant read any of this. thank you.

DEFINITELY psyched for this upcoming show though. s'gonna fuckin rock like none of my other shows have. get it when you have the chance.