Friday, January 13, 2012

a lack of color

well, it seems like i cant keep this thing updated very well. i dont even remember this past shows track list.. lemme skip thru it really quick..


.. ok!

korn - its on
mewithoutyou - be still, child
pearl jam - i am mine
nine inch nails - beside you in time
harvey danger - why im lonely
a perfect circle - thinking of you
nada surf - happy kid
paper rival - pacing the cage
the prodigy - spitfire
dethklok - duncan hills coffee jingle
deftones - pink maggit

 going thru music for next show. thinking about doing another one of those 'grab bag' things, cuz that was fun.. but, im fuckin exhausted lately. too busy to even think. so, apologies for the late update. ill try not to be such a failure on this thing..

a few more days till im back.