Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sunday morning

busy busy show tonite, you guys. 18 tracks - cant remember the last time i did that.. anyways, i was feeling 90s, but not too mainstream 90s.. i mean, theres bush, weezer, green day, etc - but theres not 'machinehead', 'buddy holly' or 'basket case' or anything like that.. i mixed in some b-sides from popular bands with good songs by not-so-popular bands.. hopefully ill have time to ready a theme-themed kind of show - not like the halloween one, or christmas one, but an overall actual 'set-in-a-different-time' kind of theme.. we'll see how it goes in preperation.. if i dont think ill be able to pull it off (its gonna take a shit-ton of effects to do live), then ill scrap it and do a regular show..

in other news, ive gotten comments & suggestions from some of you wonderful people saying that i should do half music, half talk.. now, im not against that or anything, but if im gonna be doing talk, ive got to at least have some kind of substance in there.. also, itd be cool to have callers or something.. i dunno.. something else i have to look into in the coming weeks, i guess.. anyways, onto the fuckin tracklist already, right??

here we go :

harvey danger - scar tissue
belly - broken
smoking popes - mrs. me and you
ash - kung fu
the riverdales - back to you
bush - bubbles
tilt - white homes
the muffs - funny face
goo goo dolls - aint that unusual
silverchair - stoned
pansy division - deep water
green day - j.a.r.
thrush hermit - hated it
elastica - line up
girls against boys - cruise your new baby fly self
dance hall crashers - enough
weezer - you gave your love to me softly
love spit love - am i wrong?

mediafire file of the show :http://www.mediafire.com/?ohd3b07av381n98
twitter : @knozgrul
gmail : knozgrul